Pool Equipment Repairs

Pumps & Motors - Swimming pool pumps are a vital part of a healthy pool. Is your motor making loud noises or leaking water? Leak-free pumps will prolong the life of your motor.

Filters - Is your pool water cloudy? Does your filter return dirt and debris to the pool? Proper filter maintenance includes regular cleaning and filter tear downs.

Plumbing & Valves - Do you have leaks in your plumbing? A leaking system will cause your pump and motor to work harder than necessary leading to premature motor failure - not to mention water loss will contribute to higher water bills. We can help seal small leaks or replace plumbing and valves if necessary.

Salt Water Systems - Saltwater systems need to be serviced once per month in the Phoenix area. The average life expectancy depends on the level of chlorine production along with the care of the system. When your salt cell fails and stops making chlorine, it will need to be replaced in order to continue with a working salt system.

Other Repairs - Don't see what you need? Call us for a free telephone consultation.

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