Weekly Pool Service in Gilbert

Are you sick and tired of spending hours cleaning your pool only to do it all over again every weekend? Are you tired of expensive products sold by pool stores and "pool guys" that don't solve your pool problems?

I know from painful experience that pool products are incredibly expensive. Trying on costly product after another without results becomes frustrating fast. That's why we don'
t recommend "magic products." just the steady application of proven pool treatment techniques by trained pool professionals. Because we're not in the business of selling pool products retail, we only recommend treatment plans that work - effective treatments proven in hundreds of pools every week.

Can other "pool guys" offer the same level of protecting and service we offer? You bet they could... they just don't! I don't know why other "pool guys" have trouble with basic pool water chemistry and pool treatment techniques - But I've seen firsthand the outcomes with most other pool companies and caution you not to put your health in the hands of just any "pool guy." Make absolutely certain you are working with a true professional!

Our Full Service Weekly Cleaning Package is perfect for pool owners that want professional cleaning and maintenance.

Our weekly service includes...

  • Test & adjust chemicals to balance and chlorinate pool water
  • Empty & clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Brush pool walls and steps
  • Skim/net debris
  • Vacuum (as needed)
  • Backwash filter (as needed)
  • Clean Salt Cell (as needed)

Weekly Cleaning - Play Pool Starting at $85.00/mo
Weekly Cleaning - Diving Pool $95.00/mo and up

Includes Basic Chemicals!

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